Environtment Health & Safety

Bina Pertiwi implement occupational safety and health and the environment in Safety Management System As Astra Green Company that implemented in our process business with process safety, personal safety, personal health, the environment, reliability and efficiency to achieve best performance is how we define Operational Excellence.

Occupational Safety 
Bina Pertiwi efforts to create and maintain a safety culture inclide starting meeting with safety lessons, best practices business units with strong safety performance, sharing best practices and lessons learned, and using behavior-based safety evaluations. And our commitment to acheve Zero Accident in our evey business process.

Occupational Health 
Bina Pertiwi invests in the health of employees to improve productivity, reduce costs related to employee health, and help our employees optimize their physical health and mental. Our programs include as well as programs to support employees who want to make positive lifestyle changes.

Protecting the Environment 
Anywhere Bina Pertiwi operates, we support diverse programs that help to protect the environment.

Our commitment is our framework for managing, improving and achieving outstanding environmental performance. We use the process to systematically manage safety, health, the environment, reliability and efficiency used the natural resource.