Bina Pertiwi as the sole distributor of Komatsu forklift, since 2004, seeks to provide total solutions through Komatsu forklift rental. Bina Pertiwi is committed to providing the best professional service and as a total solution to every customer.
Bina Pertiwi serves forklift rental units in almost all regions of Indonesia through our branches, to meet customer demand.
Bina Pertiwi has a wide selection of Komatsu forklift fleet with the features and capacity of lifting capacity ranging from 1.5 tons to 25 tons. Available with various types of forklifts include the reach truck and counterbalance trucks, as well as the type of machine used is diesel, gasoline, and battery.
We always maintain the quality of performance of the rental unit to always perform routine maintenance and check-ups on all units operated forklift. So customers always get a forklift with high quality and best performance.
Why us?
  1. We are the sole distributor of Komatsu forklift.
  2. We are very experienced in the material-handling sector.
  3. Product support team of skilled and experienced to make our units are always in prime condition, and maintained in accordance with the procedures prescribed.
  4. Reputation and good relationships with major companies in Indonesia.
  5. As sole distributor, the unit we used Komatsu forklift spare parts in order to maintain a quality official performance of our forklift unit.
  6. We provide a professional service that is ready bekera in various fields of work.