Along with the increasingly rapid growth of business, Bina Pertiwi present total solutions to meet diverse customer needs. Total solution which made the development of a product line that has been created Bina Pertiwi. In addition to transform and meet customer needs, Bina Pertiwi is also committed to provide facilities - convenience for the customer by providing multiple solutions as follows:

Agro Contractor
Modern agricultural technologies have not been able to reach all farmers, we present the work packages at affordable rates when compared to the quality of the work produced. Ease in various payment schemes, carried out by trained and experienced operators, and supported by the application of advanced agricultural equipment in the world. We offer a variety of advantages that each farmer Indonesia had the opportunity to feel the benefits of modern agricultural mechanization in supporting sustainable agricultural intensification.
BP For Rental is committed to being a supplier of rental-friendly and can provide comfort for customers. We want customers to appreciate the good in our performance and give us the confidence to meet all their rental equipment needs. Some reasons for renting a unit at BP are:
1. Improve Your Flexibility
Customer demand is always changing, so you must be flexible. While you may not always have the proper equipment. By working closely with BP For Rental, then you will get the correct equipment.
2. Expect Responsive Service
Our team can provide knowledge about the tools and applications. We are committed to be a trustworthy source of rent and guarantee your work easier.
3. Work More Efficiently
We offer equipment - equipment rental with leading brands and all of our equipment using the latest and most innovative technologies. This means you'll get the tools you need to get the job done properly and satisfactorily.